Becoming Healthy With E-Cigarettes

My friend is a chronic smoker. She wasn’t this bad a few years ago, in fact she barely smoked unless we had had a few drinks on a girl’s night out; however, in recent years the cigarettes have become a greater part of her life. I’m not too sure why, it could be her job or it could be the fact that she is going through a rather messy divorce – unnecessary stress is supposed to do weird things to people. Whatever the reason, she is damaging her health and her little boy’s health as well.


A few months back I sat her down and spoke to her about this. She wouldn’t listen, but then I showed her some cases of long-term damage on the internet and she took my words seriously. We began looking into de-tox’ (‘cos it is an addiction) aids and landed up on e-cigarettes.

The e-cigarette is a battery-operated device that looks and feels like a cigarette, but doesn’t release nicotine – well some don’t. Instead they use this flavored vapor that substitutes the addictive substance my friend was smoking.

Of course, there are risks in addition to the benefits; but, what I do know is that my friend isn’t blowing smoke into her boy’s face and she isn’t sucking nicotine into her lungs anymore.