E Cigarettes And Their Recent Popularity

The recent rise in popularity of E Cigarettes has been an interesting and plausible result of years of people attempting to kick the smoking habit, only to have extreme difficulty in the effort, and even if quitting for a time, slipping back into the habit. Regular cigarettes contain nicotine, a very addictive substance which is very difficult to do without, once addicted.

E cigarettes are simply a hollow cylinder, usually constructed of plastic or metal, which contains a container of a propylene glycol liquid, a battery, and a vaporizer. The battery heats up the liquid so that it turns into a vapor, which simulates smoke. As it is inhaled and exhaled the process emulates the smoking process, as it would occur in a regular cigarette experience.


The liquid in the ecigarette, as it is called, can contain many different elements such as different flavors, and even nicotine at various strengths. One initial marketing reason given for using these devices was to help people quit smoking regular cigarettes. The method of doing this was simply to gradually cut down on the nicotine strength, until the person did not need it. This can easily be accomplished with the electronic cigarette, which is controlled by the user.

Another advantage of using the e cigarette is that even though you might be using nicotine, just as you had with a regular cigarette, you are not going to be inhaling real smoke and all of its tars and carcinogens as you would with a regular cigarette. It is a proven fact that regular cigarette smoke contains arsenic, cyanide and other very harmful chemicals that are cancer causing. One big negative with regular cigarette smoking is the accumulation of tar in the lungs, which is a terrible blight to a person’s health.

The rise in popularity of the e cigarette is proclaimed by the fact that the total sales of the device was only around 55,000 units in 2011, and at the end of 2012 it had risen to over 3.5 million, and there is no end in site. With many varieties of product, and extremely smart and aggressive marketing, the future of the product seems assured. The word ‘vaping’ has already become a vernacular for smoking when referring to the process of using e cigarettes, which might be a sign that the product has ‘arrived.’

At this point there is no hard evidence that ‘vaping’ has any harmful side effects. Simply inhaling what amounts to a water vapor has not caused any noticeable problems, probably due to the small amount of the vapor that actually is inhaled. It would be no more than inhaling the air on a rainy day. There is some concern by regulatory officials due to the ability of adding nicotine to the mix, but that would not be a major factor in the acceptance of the product by the public. Certainly that has not materially affected the purchase of regular cigarettes, and the harmful effects of that product are well known.